Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tiny Icicles

I love photography because it allows me to just walk, observe, and record nature's beauty around me. On Saturday, I walked the shores of a local lake looking for photo opportunities. It was pretty cold, but not bitter cold. As in any typical day, I just started firing shots to wake my mind up to see what is around me. 

I started out going right to the shore. Nothing popped out at me. I looked at these trees hanging out over the water, and thought they looked sort of boring. But as my eyes probed the shore, I caught a glimpse of these tiny icicles that formed on the bottom of this very small twig and the photography alarm went! I just had to record that and I found what I was looking for! Since I was using my 50mm fixed focal length lens, I had to get close to the twig because these lenses do not zoom. I had to lay on my stomach, elbows in the lake where there was just a little water, and finally shoot.  

As I continued walking the shore I found another branch that had icicles on it too. Never in my life had I seen wee little icicles near the ground on a twig. Glad I got to record it. Let me know what you think!